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The subject of web-to-print has long since been taken up in specialist circles in the IT and printing industry. "Consumers, managing directors and their employees, or long-established printers have little use for it at first. Just like the working student whose job it is to introduce the target groups to this DEFINITION WEB-TO-PRINT AND WEB-TO-PUBLISH

The explanations on websites of the providers of web-to-print systems remain on a technical level with their formulations. At least some articles give a small insight into the technology of a web-to-print system. Nevertheless, the topic remains abstract and many questions remain open: What exactly is it now? How does the process work? Where can it be used? And who benefits from it? With the help of extensive research, the ordering of facts and the structuring of the most important questions, one can find understandable answers. But who reads text page by page today?

The solution: an appealing, compactly summarized information graphic:


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