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Special version of the printformer
Web2Publish software for
integration into Shopify


We introduce:

Developing a new version of the printformer Web2Publish software that is tailored to Shopify was a logical step after an initial implementation for Logolini®Präsente (here to the article). With we enable the combination of both components, i.e. the smooth integration of the printformer technology into the Shopify system, in just a few steps. 

Already at the OnlinePrintSymposium 2020 in Munich at the beginning of March, we presented the new app this version, which is tailored for integration into Shopify. After the first integration in the Shopify webshop of Logolini®Präsente, we have now made a lasting commitment to the innovative e-commerce platform Shopify. In the past, many of our competitors in the print and media services industry have found the topic of transformation in the course of increasing digitalization to be a hurdle that is usually difficult to overcome. With the release of, we have significantly lowered the entry hurdle in the Web2Publish sector and offer, in addition to a cost-effective entry, an integration of the printformer software in Shopify that can be realized in just a few steps. 

"The goal was to create the possibility to create your own shop in just a few minutes with this version, which was specially adapted to Shopify, and to transform it into a real print shop with editor and print upload using the app. With we combine our Web2Publish technology with one of the most successful e-commerce cloud solutions of our time. This not only means a fast time-to-market without lengthy implementation processes, but also a more predictable start due to the simple setup, maximum scalability and transparent cost structure. At the same time, our cloud service also offers state-of-the-art technology on demand, so that customers can devote more time to their core business. our CTO Sebastian Buck.

"In 5 minutes to your own print shop sounds like a dream, but now it's becoming reality with Anyone who wants to can get started today and place their own products or services on the market. Web2Publish has never been easier. There is no reason not to tackle it now. Anyone who wants to position themselves quickly, cost-effectively and successfully in the future should take a closer look at," adds CEO Alex Sperrfechter. 

More information about the specially adapted version of the proven printformer software, which offers the possibility of implementing print shops based on the well-known Shopify platform, can be found at

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