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printformer the
"calculation engine"


Slowly now, how does the Web2Print system actually work as a "commercial tool"? With the help of the prinformer, quotations can be created for any print product. The system can be used universally for the entire printing industry, so the settings can be flexibly adapted to the respective product. Thanks to the printformer's API functionality, the calculator can be embedded in any external system; at GGP Media it is the Magento shop system. There are two options before the calculation: fixed price lists and configurable functions. Firstly, an Excel file with prices that have already been set can be imported, and our web-to-print system links these with selectable properties. In this way, price combinations can be defined individually per customer. On the other hand, properties can be stored in the Admin, where an option e.g. book finishing is linked to a specific price. Depending on the settings and the number of products, the price changes automatically.

The printformer therefore not only serves as a design tool, as in the online shop, but also enables the quick and easy calculation of books from the 18 km high book tower of GGP Media.

To get an idea of where web-to-print is applied and how our printformer can be used, I will present some projects with our customers on this blog.

A tower of 1 million print products at a height of 18 kilometres is created, symbolically speaking, every day at GGP Media. Eight books are produced per second. This requires 70,000 tons of paper per year, which corresponds to an area the size of the Saarland. The large printing plant has been part of the Bertelsmann Printing Group since the beginning of 2016. GGP Media offers a wide range of services: pre-press service, production of e-books and print products such as brochures, paperbacks, catalogs, leaflets, as well as finishing and logistics.

When it comes to the words print jobs, prepress service and catalogs, web-to-print cannot be far off. And that's the way it is. Our printformer is used at GGP Media as a powerful calculation tool for huge amounts of paper and countless print products. The web-to-print system is used, for example, to calculate a book with all its settings such as number of pages, material and finishing. Once the selection process is complete, a PDF file is generated and filed as an offer. It is a time-consuming process to provide your customers with a binding offer. With the calculator, GGP Media can show how much it costs to produce a book in just a few minutes.


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