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Many of our customers have been able to see for themselves over the past few months how flexible our printformer version for Shopify, released this year, is. The implementation of the new online shop "moviooo" from SCHMID Druck+Medien GmbH shows that this is a suitable solution not only for obvious printing disciplines such as flyer printing or the production of business equipment.

Personalised packaging simply implemented

While for simpler print products such as business cards, flyers or brochures it is usually possible to work with relatively few specialized functions within an online editor, a higher range of functions is recommended, especially for complex products in the areas of packaging and effect cards.

For these applications, our special printformer version for Shopify offers a wide range of technical options that improve the user's design and purchasing experience. Especially in the product areas already mentioned, an uncomplicated and smoothly generated 3D print preview is invaluable. The 2D views of the required print templates, some of which appear abstract at first glance, make it difficult to check for design errors. This is where the integrated 3D preview of the printformerIO app helps to quickly and reliably identify and then correct any incorrectly placed or faulty layouts. In the moviooo online shop, all offered packaging and effect cards can be displayed in the 3D preview in a fluid animation and incorrect orders or complaints are reduced.

"The 3D editor of printformerIO shows its strengths in this area and enables customers to personalize their desired products within the online editor easily and quickly. The necessary print data does not necessarily have to be designed in the online editor itself, but the upload of print-ready data is also supported. With the new online shop "moovioo" from SCHMID Druck+Medien GmbH, we were once again able to demonstrate how flexible and powerful the combination of our special printformer version in combination with the e-commerce platform Shopify is, and also that the special product category of packaging can be easily implemented with our technology," says CTO Sebastian Buck.

Individualization even in small quantities

What in the past was only possible with larger print runs is increasingly becoming the standard in the printing industry. Improved processes, higher cost efficiency in print production and lower costs for implementation and operation of corresponding web-to-print publishing solutions are important factors in this context. The production of personalised print products from quantity 1 can be implemented in an uncomplicated way. The low initial costs, seamless and easy integration into the e-commerce platform Shopify and the technical basis of printformerIO that has been established over the years form the perfect basis for this. Also and especially smaller printing companies now have the possibility to digitally transform their own business without long planning phases and thus increase their chances to remain competitive.

what is used

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  • Extremely short implementation time

  • 100% cloud

  • Perfect MIS integration

  • Print-ready data

  • intuitive creation of complex products

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