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Web2Print with
Magento 2

What's Magento 2?

Magento 2 ist ein Shopsystem, das kostenlos in der Community- und kostenpflichtig in der Enterprise-Version erhältlich ist. Mit der Community-Version erhalten Sie bereits einen mächtigen Funktionsumfang, um einen eigenen Online-Shop zu betreiben. Durch die große Fangemeinde und die Möglichkeit, die Shops zu ergänzen, gibt es unzählige Erweiterungen für Magento.

Is Magento 2 suitable for the realization of a print shop?

Basically, Magento 2 is suitable for the implementation of any eCommerce project. Print shops usually have some special requirements when calculating prices or handling print data uploads. Even the implementation of closed B2B shops is not included in the standard scope of Magento 2, but with the help of some extensions a Magento 2 system can be converted into a print shop. Due to our many years of experience in the implementation of Magento projects, we can fall back on a large selection of self-developed extensions especially for print shops.

Web-to-print in combination with printformer and Magento 2

In principle, the printformer Web2Print Editor can be integrated into any system thanks to its open API. Especially for Magento 2 we offer an additional extension that enhances your Magento shop with a web-to-print editor and print data upload.


Web2Print Editor

After successful linking of product and print template, an additional button appears on the product page, which takes the visitor to the Web2Print Editor. In order to put the focus fully on the design, the editor covers the entire product page.


Print data upload

Enable your users to upload print files directly on the Magento product page. Depending on the design, an automatic preflight and a subsequent print data release can already take place here.


Colours & Formats

Colors and formats stored in the templates can be linked to attributes and options of Magento. Users can choose a color or format on the product page and directly access the correct view when they open the editor.


Simple template linking with products

Activate editor or print data upload via the product management and easily link templates with new or existing products in Magento.


Editing editor design in the backend

After ordering, you will see a preview of the design in the Magento order overview and can then also switch to the user's editor design.