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Our location

You work in the heart of Ludwigsburg in a factory building that we converted - we love our rissc Base! The public transport connections are excellent and there are plenty of parking spaces for your car, e-scooter or bicycle.


work-life balance

The beer after work or regular events such as release parties, summer parties, Christmas parties and team dinners ensure that the relaxed exchange with colleagues is not neglected and that work is not the only thing in the foreground.


Your workplace

You've got a current Mac Book Pro, a 4K monitor, and plenty of room to grow. The latest location-independent communication technology allows you to change your perspective at any time in our rooms :-).


flex time

With us there is no stop watch and no fixed working hours. We work according to the principle of working hours based on trust and are convinced that everyone should work when they feel comfortable!


professional development

Our technology stack looks like this:
PHP 7.4, Java, Laravel, VueJs, JavaScript, AWS, Docker
We work with two week sprints and releases and use Confluence, Slack and Jira for communication.


our rissc family

Our hierarchies are flat and the working atmosphere is familiar. We take care of each other and make sure that the joy and fun is not lost.