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Discovering new dimensions:

Our Web2Print
has a new home


May makes all new. In our case already April and this means especially our website. In the last few months since the move of our office from Stuttgart to Ludwigsburg, a lot has happened. After the new look offline, i.e. our new office, a small facelift for the digital home was urgently needed.

The rissc BASE digital: Modern, structured and mobile.

Admittedly - it is not always easy to cut off the old pigtails and venture into a completely new layout. But in our case the general overhaul of the website was more than necessary. Too much has happened here in the last 12 months alone and many innovations needed their own place. In addition to the modern and much lighter look, we have now structured and prepared our digital home more clearly. The start page as a central "take off" with an overview of the various sections as well as the new page navigation provide quick access to all sections and guides you easily through the rissc universe, whether you are on the desktop or mobile.

The printformer - Web2Publish on a new level

Our printformer, the heart of our Web2Print passion, not only presents itself with a revised logo and its own area on the new website, but also shows in detail what it is capable of in the Web2Print area. With our cloud software we created our own standard, which is ready for use in a few minutes and can be integrated into any existing system. Automatic updates, which continuously expand your own Web2Publish offer and catapult your personal business into another galaxy, of course included!

The App: Easy. Online. Business.

The area is a completely new addition to our rissc universe, both in terms of colour, logo and function displayed. As the name suggests, we present here a special version of the printformer software - the App. With this innovation we have combined the best of two worlds and integrated our printformer into the environment of the e-commerce platform Shopify in an easy way. How easy, uncomplicated and fast it is now possible to realize your own print shop with integrated editor with is shown there in single steps. Web2Print has never been easier.

With all the new features, we feel completely at home in the revised digital home and would be delighted if you would take a closer look at our new rissc universe. Feedback is always welcome - have fun exploring!

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