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"Vectorizer" extension allows real-time vectorizing

With the new "Vectorizer" extension for the printformer, we have recently further expanded the functional scope of our Web2Print software solution and can now offer our customers in the print and media services industry additional vectorization options.
The extension of the "printformer" software, which we appropriately refer to as "Vectorizer", is the answer to our customers' ever growing demands for trouble-free vectorization within existing or new Web2Print projects. With our new "Vectorizer" it is now possible to generate printable data for later screen or pad printing and many other printing processes from not yet vectorized data, such as normal JPEG files, directly in the editor and without additional effort. Thus, the "Vectorizer" vectorizes the supplied and unprocessed image data on demand in the "printformer" and automatically reduces the colors contained there to the desired number or the number required for the printing process. This saves additional work steps and increases the effectiveness of job processing.

Create vectorized print data in just a few clicks

"This process also provides our customers with the desired colour tone in the correct HKS or Pantone colour value with just a few clicks and saves time-consuming manual post-processing. This means that the asset used is always perfectly matched to the corresponding product, the selected supplier and the respective printing process. With the realization of this extension we close an important gap in the area of integrated publishing processes and come a step closer to our vision of an even more powerful Web2Publish software, which is able to meet future market requirements without any problems. In any case, the reactions of our customers are positive throughout". our CTO Sebastian Buck. The positive feedback from our customers confirms that this new extension is an exact response to their wishes and that we are already implementing the next tools to complement our printformer. Because we love print!

This is new

  • Vectorizing in real time

  • Automatic or manual ink reduction

  • Created vectors are saved in the Asset Manager


  • Significantly accelerated ordering process

  • No specialist knowledge required from your customers

  • Support of arbitrary color spaces


Manual color reduction


Automatic ink reduction


Intuitive color matching in the editor


Display of all found colors in the correct color space


Possibility to define own colors

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