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Today's "printformer insights" deal with the implementation of variants in existing or newly created templates. Have fun reading!

Our printformer Suite is regularly updated and partially improved to meet the ever changing requirements of our customers. In today's "printformer insights" we show how the use of additional variants significantly increases the flexibility of templates. The creation and maintenance of products and associated product variants is noticeably simplified and thus more effective with this innovation. See for yourself what advantages await you with this improvement!

More flexibility with variants for templates

In the recent past, it was only possible to create individual templates for each product. So if several versions of a product were required, for example with a changed font color, it was necessary to create a new template with correspondingly changed settings for each version. Especially with a large number of articles based on the same layout, which differ only in the colour change, an immense effort - both in terms of time and handling. Our current innovation "Variants" now starts at this point and ensures a simpler and more flexible provision of different variations of individual products.

One template, several variants

The new implementation of variants in the template creation allows you as a user to easily attach additional variants to individual product templates. These variants take into account colour changes in both the surface and the font and, by linking to the template, offer maximum flexibility when creating larger product quantities. This allows you to create suitable colour combinations of a layout in a time-saving manner, from which the later customer can then easily choose and order the desired product. With this new function, all changes affecting the layout of the product can only be made at one central point and automatically affect all linked variants and their colour specifications. The result is obvious: Better handling, more time saving and more flexibility - with the variants for templates in the printformer from rissc solutions.

This is new

  • Different variants per template

  • Rule-based definition of the variants


  • Number of required templates significantly reduced

  • Significant added value for your customers

  • central change option

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