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The new
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Today we start with our new series, the "printformer insights" and take you on a journey through our "rissc universe". Have fun reading!

During our travels through the rissc universe, we experience the most diverse adventures. We use the technologies of the newly tapped galaxies and the experience we have gained in this way to continually modernise our printformer suite and keep it fit for the future. Regular further developments of the existing systems ensure that we are always ready to start, in order to master even the most unusual tasks. In our blog area we therefore invite you to join us on our latest voyages of discovery and learn more about the innovations of our printformer Suite. On one of our trips last year, we fundamentally optimized the admin area of printformer and made it fit for all upcoming projects - see for yourself!

New admin area of the printformer

It was time for a "little makeover" of our previous design. All in all, we have clearly purified the somewhat outdated look of the old printformer and, with the revised design, given it a modern and fresher look. In addition to the visual improvements, we have also simultaneously put the printformer backend on a completely new code basis to make the entire system more performant and user-friendly in the future. An additional example of this is the revised search function, with which all settings and functions can now be found faster and easier. Besides this rather invisible improvement, there are also someNew admin area of the printformer
more visible improvements.

Horizontal becomes vertical - that's what you could call the most striking optical change in the admin panel of the printformer. The previously horizontally placed individual areas of the backend have therefore moved to the left edge in our latest version. This creates a better overview and saves space, especially with the integration of an accordion function, i.e. the opening of the individual menu items one below the other. In addition to this, we have also restructured the contents of the menu and adapted them to the current requirements, as well as re-dividing individual sub-areas or supplementing existing ones.

For example, the separation between templates and closed shop products was implemented. Due to the increasingly widespread integration of our printformer in various external systems, we have separated the formerly nested administration of templates from the closed shop administration. The resulting mixing of the two areas has thus been eliminated, flexibility has been significantly increased and template creation for external systems has been accelerated. In addition, the new direct editor access to the template makes the creation of design templates a breeze for you and your customers.

That's new:

  • completely revised interface & user guidance

  • uniform grids across all areas

  • optimized user guidance

  • logical area division


  • significantly improved performance

  • intuitive management

  • Full text search in all areas and elements

  • Editor access as admin

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