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No matter whether you are an international trading company or a family run printing business. Transformed digital business processes take everyone equally to the next level.

Print, Media & Publishing

Today, publishing is no longer the same as simply producing original print products. Take the German book market, for example, which has been declining for years due to the growing presence of electronic media. If you don't want to go under, you must actively incorporate new media into your publishing strategy without completely neglecting the classic print media.

In addition to the task of creating your own core product as optimally as possible, the primary goal is to efficiently serve a wide variety of media and thus optimize existing publication processes and sensibly expand them with blogs, apps, social media or personalized newsletters.

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PRINTFORMER SUITE allows you to create and output content for the different media channels. You can reach your customers at different levels and thus offer them a decisive added value: fast, up-to-date and comprehensive information. At the same time - as a welcome by-product - you also strengthen your market presence through consistent branding in all media.

To meet your specific process requirements, we analyse and advise you comprehensively in order to offer you a module combination that is tailored to you and your needs. And even after implementation, we will be happy to continue working for you and offer you user support as well as advice and further development of your system.

Due to the often complex products with numerous individual attributes, the manufacturing industry has very high costs for global brand building in dozens of and also heterogeneous markets if you want to maintain your brands worldwide. Delays in achieving communication goals could thus become extremely expensive.

In the retail sector, on the other hand, cut-throat competition and progressive diversification of buyer groups present companies with major challenges: a large number of images and product descriptions must make a constantly modified product range palatable to the rapidly changing target group. The quality and availability of these media assets are therefore of crucial importance for campaigns.

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With PRINTFORMER SUITE as a uniform platform for the creation and output of content to different media channels, output can be generated for precisely segmented and differentiated target groups. Marketing materials can be transparently and efficiently managed, translated and collaboratively edited in a central system.

Whether for the Internet, for print media or your e-mail marketing, the web-to-print functionality allows you to create current marketing materials such as flyers and brochures simply by using a web browser, for the output of catalogues and price lists you use templates that are linked to database information, product information can be displayed in web shops in real time via our Api, for example.

Trade &

Banks & Insurances

Banks and insurance companies serve target groups that require a lot of information for their decisions. The situation is further complicated by constantly changing legal and economic conditions. Demographic change is also leading to a changing demand for products while at the same time margins are falling.

In order to minimize loss of trust, not only the secure handling of customer data is sufficient, but the financial company must also be given more personality through a suitable visual language. The sale of complex financial products requires intensive personal advice and targeted customer contact via a wide range of special solutions for newsletters, mailings and PR communication.

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PRINTFORMER SUITE allows you to manage your data securely and media-neutrally and to have it prepared and output for a wide range of media channels. This gives your product information a uniform appearance across all advertising channels. Your employees are always up to date and can access all information relevant to them at any time. This allows them to respond more flexibly and specifically to customer wishes.

With intelligent campaign management, you can also control your campaigns cross-media and increase customer loyalty by personalising newsletters, online and print media.