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FLIXLEAD: Personalized advertising mailings with

advertising mailings with

Take off in direct mailing with

After we were able to realize a variety of projects with this year, such as classic print shops, one of the most recent examples shows another possible application. The modular software architecture of our printformer variant for Shopify offers our customers the possibility to implement even the most demanding projects in a timely and uncomplicated manner. With the launch of the new direct mailing portal from FLIXLEAD, we were now able to successfully bring the area of personalized advertising mailings to the market for the first time with our combination of printformer and Shopify.

Implement campaigns for promotional mailings with and Shopify

While the parameters for print shops usually revolve around the print run, the desired format and the processing or finishing of print products, there are other points to consider for direct mailing. Thanks to's flexible customization options, however, no costly investments are necessary here. With the special version of our proven Web2Print technology printformer, we give the customer a toolbox that flexibly adapts to all project requirements. For example, the newly published FLIXLEAD portal offers its customers the possibility to select a defined mailing concept in just a few steps, to define a suitable distribution area and to determine the required circulation of the mailing. The recipient addresses essential for the mailing are provided directly via the direct mailing platform - time-consuming research is no longer necessary and saves additional costs.

Create layouts for personalized advertising mailings directly in

In the end, however, all preparation is of no use if the layout of the mailing does not fit the desired purpose or topic. The visual design of the advertising mailing, similar to the process in classic print shops, can be designed in a separate step in the editor itself and directly online. For this purpose, the customer has a basic selection of ready-made designs at his disposal, which he can adapt individually to his requirements if necessary. Depending on their own ideas, clients who do not wish to use the templates provided have the option of uploading their own designs in order to ensure compliance with possible CI specifications. Following the design process, the creation of printable data and the subsequent dispatch of the booked mailing concept is automatically handled via the FLIXLEAD platform and sent by post in compliance with all applicable DSGVO requirements. Alexander Sperrfechter, Managing Director of rissc solutions GmbH, sums up: "With our customer FLIXLEAD, we were able to show how versatile the system is and what opportunities it also offers industries that are not based in the area of pure online printing."

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what is used

what advantages does the customer have

  • Extremely short implementation time

  • 100% cloud

  • Perfect integration with external services

  • Print-ready data

  • intuitive & fast creation of personalized advertising mailings

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Online shop for personalized packaging with

Online shop for
packaging with

Many of our customers have been able to see for themselves over the past few months how flexible our printformer version for Shopify, released this year, is. The implementation of the new online shop "moviooo" from SCHMID Druck+Medien GmbH shows that this is a suitable solution not only for obvious printing disciplines such as flyer printing or the production of business equipment.

Personalised packaging simply implemented

While for simpler print products such as business cards, flyers or brochures it is usually possible to work with relatively few specialized functions within an online editor, a higher range of functions is recommended, especially for complex products in the areas of packaging and effect cards.

For these applications, our special printformer version for Shopify offers a wide range of technical options that improve the user's design and purchasing experience. Especially in the product areas already mentioned, an uncomplicated and smoothly generated 3D print preview is invaluable. The 2D views of the required print templates, some of which appear abstract at first glance, make it difficult to check for design errors. This is where the integrated 3D preview of the printformerIO app helps to quickly and reliably identify and then correct any incorrectly placed or faulty layouts. In the moviooo online shop, all offered packaging and effect cards can be displayed in the 3D preview in a fluid animation and incorrect orders or complaints are reduced.

"The 3D editor of printformerIO shows its strengths in this area and enables customers to personalize their desired products within the online editor easily and quickly. The necessary print data does not necessarily have to be designed in the online editor itself, but the upload of print-ready data is also supported. With the new online shop "moovioo" from SCHMID Druck+Medien GmbH, we were once again able to demonstrate how flexible and powerful the combination of our special printformer version in combination with the e-commerce platform Shopify is, and also that the special product category of packaging can be easily implemented with our technology," says CTO Sebastian Buck.

Individualization even in small quantities

What in the past was only possible with larger print runs is increasingly becoming the standard in the printing industry. Improved processes, higher cost efficiency in print production and lower costs for implementation and operation of corresponding web-to-print publishing solutions are important factors in this context. The production of personalised print products from quantity 1 can be implemented in an uncomplicated way. The low initial costs, seamless and easy integration into the e-commerce platform Shopify and the technical basis of printformerIO that has been established over the years form the perfect basis for this. Also and especially smaller printing companies now have the possibility to digitally transform their own business without long planning phases and thus increase their chances to remain competitive.

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what is used

what advantages does the customer have

  • Extremely short implementation time

  • 100% cloud

  • Perfect MIS integration

  • Print-ready data

  • intuitive creation of complex products

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Digital transformation in e-business print with

Digital transformation
in e-business print

For some years now, it has become apparent that printing companies that are interested in digital
transformation, have better chances to develop future-oriented and sustainable solutions even in times of crisis
to remain competitive.

Using digital technologies

The change from a classic printing company to a digitally networked enterprise does not pose a challenge to the
few companies face major challenges. Digital technologies are developing at a rapid pace
Speed continues to increase, the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops continues to grow
importance and also in the area of the tools used and the machinery is the
Digitalisation cannot be stopped. In order to network all this in a contemporary way, the exchange with
employees, partners and customers to be future-proof, in many cases it requires a
new or at least updated digital infrastructure.

Understanding digital transformation as a process

Digital transformation is not, as every entrepreneur should be aware, a task with a fixed start and end date, as is familiar from other projects, but rather a permanent process of change that must be carefully planned and then continuously optimized and implemented. This is a complex cycle that is characterized by the consistent search for possibilities for optimization, future-oriented planning and implementation of new approaches to solutions. Results must be constantly analysed, any errors that occur must be corrected and processes must be adapted. These measures affect both internal processes and all processes that take place for or with our own customers. A holistic view of the transformation process is therefore necessary.

Entry into the digital transformation

The large number of printing companies that have already successfully started the process of digital transformation were forced to develop the appropriate concepts and solutions for their own company in a time-consuming and costly process. This is a difficult path that also bundles many of the usually limited resources, whether in terms of the budget required or simply in terms of the work performance of the required employees. But there is another way.
For printing companies in particular, there are many areas in which it is possible to initiate the necessary changes with considerably less effort and in a shorter time by using established digital solutions. A dedicated e-business print platform can serve as the technological basis for the transformation. Our app enables businesses to easily create a professional and fully functional print shop in a few minutes by combining the popular Shopify e-commerce platform with our special version of printformer. Complex research, long development times and high costs are thus avoided and the printing company can consolidate its own profitability and generate higher sales figures during the entire digitalization process.

Advantages of using

The advantages of the app are obvious. The company benefits from low investment costs for the implementation of the digital print shop and the cloud-based application ensures that all the latest updates and bug fixes are available at all times without having to provide own resources for web development and service. Thus, a system is available at any time that is "state of the art" and does not tie up additional resources.
The size of the existing job volume is irrelevant, as the system can be easily adapted to the current number of print jobs and is therefore flexibly scalable. But one of the biggest advantages is certainly the fast time-to-market, because with you can set up your own print shop in just a few minutes - one of the
the most important success factors to be able to survive in the field of competitors. 
If you would like to learn more about the many possibilities and the exact processes in working with, please contact us or arrange a demo appointment with us. We look forward to your questions!

Arrange an Online Demo

what is used

what advantages do you have as a customer

  • Extremely short implementation time

  • 100% cloud

  • trouble-free integration into existing IT landscape

  • Print-ready data

  • no additional resource commitment

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New online shop with the Shopify integration

New online shop with the Shopify

After the successful integration of in the B2B webshop of Logolini®Präsente, our special printformer version is now also used in the B2C area. With the implementation of the new Shopify webshop of "" we now also address the market for end customers.

Fast time-to-market more important than ever

The time required to implement new projects is always one of the most important factors that influence later success or failure. This is one of the reasons why starts right there. "Within a few weeks the entire shop was planned and all necessary requirements were implemented. For us, after the successful start of in the B2B segment, the next logical step was to integrate our special printformer version in the B2C market. The extraordinarily short implementation time of the whole project clearly underlines our claim to be able to guarantee an extraordinarily fast time-to-market with without having to consider months of planning and adjustments. Highest efficiency in implementation and low initial costs are important points for the success of all supported projects", says CTO Sebastian Buck.

"With our integration for Shopify we give visitors of the opportunity to customize any of the available products in the integrated printformer editor. Personal presents in different designs, such as photo cookies, photo cakes or motif cakes, can be designed and professionally implemented in just a few steps. At the end of the order process, the automatically generated print data is generated according to the personal specifications of the respective customer and the products created in this way can be printed immediately afterwards". 


With the nerve of the time

Alexander Sperrfechter, managing director of rissc solutions GmbH, adds: "The signal from our customers is clear. The feedback we have received in recent weeks shows us that our decision to develop a special printformer version for the Shopify platform has struck the right chord at the right moment. We are very proud to be able to show together with our customer that our printformer, with its flexibility in handling and the extensive possibilities for integration into existing systems, is rightly in a league of its own for Web2Publish software solutions". 

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what is used

what advantages does the customer have

  • Extremely short implementation time

  • 100% cloud

  • Perfect integration with ERP

  • Print-ready data

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Discovering new dimensions: Our Web2Print universe has a new home

Discovering new dimensions:

Our Web2Print
has a new home

May makes all new. In our case already April and this means especially our website. In the last few months since the move of our office from Stuttgart to Ludwigsburg, a lot has happened. After the new look offline, i.e. our new office, a small facelift for the digital home was urgently needed.

The rissc BASE digital: Modern, structured and mobile.

Admittedly - it is not always easy to cut off the old pigtails and venture into a completely new layout. But in our case the general overhaul of the website was more than necessary. Too much has happened here in the last 12 months alone and many innovations needed their own place. In addition to the modern and much lighter look, we have now structured and prepared our digital home more clearly. The start page as a central "take off" with an overview of the various sections as well as the new page navigation provide quick access to all sections and guides you easily through the rissc universe, whether you are on the desktop or mobile.

The printformer - Web2Publish on a new level

Our printformer, the heart of our Web2Print passion, not only presents itself with a revised logo and its own area on the new website, but also shows in detail what it is capable of in the Web2Print area. With our cloud software we created our own standard, which is ready for use in a few minutes and can be integrated into any existing system. Automatic updates, which continuously expand your own Web2Publish offer and catapult your personal business into another galaxy, of course included!

The App: Easy. Online. Business.

The area is a completely new addition to our rissc universe, both in terms of colour, logo and function displayed. As the name suggests, we present here a special version of the printformer software - the App. With this innovation we have combined the best of two worlds and integrated our printformer into the environment of the e-commerce platform Shopify in an easy way. How easy, uncomplicated and fast it is now possible to realize your own print shop with integrated editor with is shown there in single steps. Web2Print has never been easier.

With all the new features, we feel completely at home in the revised digital home and would be delighted if you would take a closer look at our new rissc universe. Feedback is always welcome - have fun exploring!

  • Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 17.00.13

  • Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 17.00.25

  • Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 17.00.38

  • Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 17.00.59

  • Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 17.01.12

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Review - that was the OPS2020 in Munich

In retrospect that was the

OPS 2020 in

On your mark, get set, go! Also this year, the Online Print Symposium in Munich at the beginning of March was on the agenda for us. As in previous years, we were once again present as a premium partner and were able to introduce our "rissc universe" to the 300 or so visitors there.

Although the signs for OPS 2020 were not necessarily positive - as is to be expected - due to the beginning corona crisis, a cancellation on our part was never in question. So it was all the more pleasant to discover many new faces among the visitors present, in addition to many old acquaintances of the industry. With around 300 participants, the rooms of the Infinity Hotel in Munich were once again well attended and the perfect backdrop for our now well-known blue "rissc universe". Visually, there was a small, but no less important addition - bright green in the form of balloons now also adorned our stand, along with versions in blue, and generated initial inquiries after only a few minutes.

There is new in the world of Web2Print

The solution of the riddle was revealed to everyone who was not only interested in the additional coloring but also in the printed logos. In addition to Shopify, a brand new logo, the logo, now also found its place there, because the OPS was the perfect event for us to present our new app to the wider professional audience. Our CEO Alex Sperrfechter revealed this to attentive visitors in a creative way in the OPS teaser videos (click here for the VIDEO ) and those who wanted to have everything explained live afterwards had plenty of opportunity. - the best of two worlds

Our app, a version of our printformer specially tailored for seamless integration with Shopify, now combines the best of both worlds. After we implemented the first integration of this kind in the Shopify web shop of Logolini®Präsente at the end of last year (click here for the article), we will continue to use the innovative e-commerce platform Shopify as the basic e-commerce framework for their presentation at OPS 2020. Not only since the current corona crisis, the topic of transformation and digitalization has been a real challenge for many companies in the print and media services industry. The crisis now clearly shows how important it is to deal with these issues in a future-oriented and sustainable manner. If not yesterday, then even more so today. With the release of, we are giving companies of all kinds the easy way to overcome these previously insurmountable entry hurdles in the field of Web2Publish and support the process by integrating the printformer software into Shopify in just a few steps. If you want and need to take advantage of the signs of the times right now, you can set up your own shop in just a few minutes and use the app to place a professional print shop with editor and print data upload on the market. Fast time-to-market without lengthy implementation processes has never been more in demand than now - this was also the response of the interested visitors at our stand at the Online Print Symposium. If you want to know more about this, you can obtain further information in advance at

OPS 2020 a complete success

For us the days at the OPS in Munich were again a complete success. The numerous positive feedback, the generally positive mood and many interesting discussions and inquiries, round off the significance of this event for us optimistically. With the alignment of our new app, we have hit a nerve in the eyes of the industry, which for many companies is a real option for maintaining their future prospects. Reason enough for us to continue to convince with our passion for print, our experience in Wep2Print or Web2Publish and with customer-oriented software solutions. We are already looking forward to the year 2021 and the next OPS in Munich

  • ops2020_002

  • ops2020_003

  • ops2020_004

  • ops2020_005

  • ops2020_006

  • ops2020_007

  • ops2020_008

  • ops2020_009

  • ops2020_001

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further interesting articles - Special version of the printformer Web2Publish software for integration into Shopify

Special version of the printformer
Web2Publish software for
integration into Shopify

We introduce:

Developing a new version of the printformer Web2Publish software that is tailored to Shopify was a logical step after an initial implementation for Logolini®Präsente (here to the article). With we enable the combination of both components, i.e. the smooth integration of the printformer technology into the Shopify system, in just a few steps. 

Already at the OnlinePrintSymposium 2020 in Munich at the beginning of March, we presented the new app this version, which is tailored for integration into Shopify. After the first integration in the Shopify webshop of Logolini®Präsente, we have now made a lasting commitment to the innovative e-commerce platform Shopify. In the past, many of our competitors in the print and media services industry have found the topic of transformation in the course of increasing digitalization to be a hurdle that is usually difficult to overcome. With the release of, we have significantly lowered the entry hurdle in the Web2Publish sector and offer, in addition to a cost-effective entry, an integration of the printformer software in Shopify that can be realized in just a few steps. 

"The goal was to create the possibility to create your own shop in just a few minutes with this version, which was specially adapted to Shopify, and to transform it into a real print shop with editor and print upload using the app. With we combine our Web2Publish technology with one of the most successful e-commerce cloud solutions of our time. This not only means a fast time-to-market without lengthy implementation processes, but also a more predictable start due to the simple setup, maximum scalability and transparent cost structure. At the same time, our cloud service also offers state-of-the-art technology on demand, so that customers can devote more time to their core business. our CTO Sebastian Buck.

"In 5 minutes to your own print shop sounds like a dream, but now it's becoming reality with Anyone who wants to can get started today and place their own products or services on the market. Web2Publish has never been easier. There is no reason not to tackle it now. Anyone who wants to position themselves quickly, cost-effectively and successfully in the future should take a closer look at," adds CEO Alex Sperrfechter. 

More information about the specially adapted version of the proven printformer software, which offers the possibility of implementing print shops based on the well-known Shopify platform, can be found at

more info

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Logolini®Presentations Shopify webshop with printformer integration

Logolini® Gifts

Shopify webshop with
printformer integration

One of the many advantages of our printformer is the flexible integration capability of the current software solution. For the new webshop of Logolini®Präsente we could prove this. We even went a step further and developed a printformer version specially adapted to the Shopify platform, because the integration capability of Web2Publish software is of the utmost importance not only in the print and media services industry. That the integration of our printformer Web2Publish software is also possible in existing e-commerce systems such as Shopify, we wanted to show with the first implementation in the new webshop of Logolini®Präsente.

"The need to integrate our software into any type of platform has been the focus of all developments from the very beginning. In the past, systems such as Magento were usually combined with printformer, but Shopify as an additional platform was a logical step. The request by Florian Fickenscher, Managing Director of Fickenschers Backstube GmbH, to transfer the existing printformer instance of the then web shop based on Magento 1 to the Shopify platform was a perfect fit. The first integration into Shopify went live with the webshop of Logolini®Präsente at the beginning of the year," says our CTO Sebastian Buck.

Satisfied customers are essential for us in every project, so we are happy to receive positive feedback. "We were looking for a future-proof shop system where we do not need our own infrastructure and yet are flexible enough to map our processes and procedures. Shopify convinced us as an overall concept and impressed us not only in terms of modularity but also flexibility. Since we process a lot of individual small orders with different print motifs, a Web2Print application is very important for us. With the printformer solution we get print-ready data directly from the system. We have been working with rissc for several years now and have found the perfect partner for our requirements", explains Florian Fickenscher. 

Alex Sperrfechter, the managing director of rissc solutions GmbH, sums up: "Shopify is enjoying growing popularity and we expect to receive more enquiries of this kind in the future. Our printformer was able to prove that flexible integration with other systems is an important success factor for Web2Publish software solutions of the future".

If you want to get an overview yourself, you can do this directly at Logolini in the webshop.

Click here for the shop

  • Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 17.54.22

  • Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 17.56.09

  • Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 17.55.04

what is used

what advantages does the customer have

  • Extremely short implementation time

  • 100% cloud

  • Perfect integration with ERP

  • Print-ready data

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further interesting articles Design tool through web-to-print

tool through Web-to-Print

Web-to-print systems are on everyone's lips. In this article about our customer, we will show you how our printformer can be used in a concrete and uncomplicated way.

Every car has it and yet it hardly attracts any attention: the license plate number. Behind this is Erich Utsch AG from Siegen, where millions of license plates are produced annually for customers from all over the world. For more than five decades, the world market leader has been responsible for technologies and integrated system solutions for the production, personalisation, registration and identification of car number plates. This is complemented by a wide range of products such as license plate blanks, vehicle recycling systems, laminators and laser coding equipment. In addition to classic license plates, the range also includes "Windshield Label", license plate holders and FUN plates.

How can a license plate manufacturer now use our web-to-print system? Utsch AG, together with the agency dotfly, has come up with a creative service for its private customers: an online shop in which an individual licence plate holder, the desired licence plate or a decorative FUN plate can be designed. The button "Configure" opens our converted HTML5 editor in a mobile first version and can thus be used on the tablet.

Behind Mobil First is the idea that the presentation works first on mobile devices. Up to now, the optimization for desktop screens has been the top priority. This means that the Mobile First version is limited to the essentials. The clear advantage here is that no additional app needs to be used.

The solution: an appealing, compactly summarized information graphic:

  • Select background

  • edit text

  • Select or upload pictures & graphics

What is used

  • printform API

  • print form producers

  • print form editor

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GGP Media: printformer the "calculation engine"

GGP Media:

printformer the
"calculation engine"

Slowly now, how does the Web2Print system actually work as a "commercial tool"? With the help of the prinformer, quotations can be created for any print product. The system can be used universally for the entire printing industry, so the settings can be flexibly adapted to the respective product. Thanks to the printformer's API functionality, the calculator can be embedded in any external system; at GGP Media it is the Magento shop system. There are two options before the calculation: fixed price lists and configurable functions. Firstly, an Excel file with prices that have already been set can be imported, and our web-to-print system links these with selectable properties. In this way, price combinations can be defined individually per customer. On the other hand, properties can be stored in the Admin, where an option e.g. book finishing is linked to a specific price. Depending on the settings and the number of products, the price changes automatically.

The printformer therefore not only serves as a design tool, as in the online shop, but also enables the quick and easy calculation of books from the 18 km high book tower of GGP Media.

To get an idea of where web-to-print is applied and how our printformer can be used, I will present some projects with our customers on this blog.

A tower of 1 million print products at a height of 18 kilometres is created, symbolically speaking, every day at GGP Media. Eight books are produced per second. This requires 70,000 tons of paper per year, which corresponds to an area the size of the Saarland. The large printing plant has been part of the Bertelsmann Printing Group since the beginning of 2016. GGP Media offers a wide range of services: pre-press service, production of e-books and print products such as brochures, paperbacks, catalogs, leaflets, as well as finishing and logistics.

When it comes to the words print jobs, prepress service and catalogs, web-to-print cannot be far off. And that's the way it is. Our printformer is used at GGP Media as a powerful calculation tool for huge amounts of paper and countless print products. The web-to-print system is used, for example, to calculate a book with all its settings such as number of pages, material and finishing. Once the selection process is complete, a PDF file is generated and filed as an offer. It is a time-consuming process to provide your customers with a binding offer. With the calculator, GGP Media can show how much it costs to produce a book in just a few minutes.


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